Programs for 2016

White Tara Empowerment and Teaching

Date: 20 -21 August, 2016

August 20:

10:00 a.m. White Tara empowerment
2:00 p.m.   White Tara teaching

August 21:

10:00 a.m. Tara Puja
2 p.m. White Tara teaching

White Tara is revered among Tibetan Buddhists for Her peaceful, compassionate, and benevolent aspect. She pacifies life-threatening hindrances, enhances compassion and spiritual vitality, lengthens life-span, and empowers practitioners in overcoming fears, including the fear of death.

Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche, who received her full training and instruction in the Sakya Tradition prior to leaving Tibet in 1959, has kindly agreed to bestow this teaching that has flourished in the lineage through teaching, meditation and practice.

Members $90:00
Non Membefes $110:00

White Tara Sadhana: $12.00

This non-refundable text (2010 version) may be paid for separately upon registration then picked up on Saturday, August 21st after the empowerment. Registrants who miss the empowerment will not be eligible to receive the text unless they have received White Tara from a Sakya lama before.

Fee: $12.00

Please be vegetarian prior to this empowerment and during the teachings.

Please register online at http://sakyatsechenthubtenling.org/ Registration will be available online soon.

Due to administrative difficulties, we only accept pre-registration with full payment of program fee. Thank you for your kind understanding.


As always, we encourage early registration to help us plan and ensure sufficient liturgies are prepared for the events, as well as to be guaranteed of a space.




Basic membership fee is $35 per year.
Sustaining membership for supporting the centre is $20/month for 12 months ($240 per year)
Due to administrative difficulties, we only accept pre-registration with full payment of program fee. Thank you for your kind understanding.

General inquiries may be directed to:

Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling
9471 Beckwith Road,
Richmond, B.C.
V6X 1V8

Tel: (604) 370-1120

Email: sakyavancouver@shaw.ca

For donations to the society, contribution can be made online:

*Canadian tax receipt available for donations made to the society.


Accommodation for Out of Town attendees

We have two retreat rooms at the ground level of the centre. If there are no personal retreats during the program period, the rooms will be made available to attendees from out of town who require accommodation. Please write to sakyavancouver@shaw.ca for further information.

Thank you so much. I am only adding this now as the rooms have just been renovated/prepared and ready for people’s use. Later, I will take some photos of the retreat rooms and facilities and will request you to add another section to the website. The centre will accept retreatants who wish to do retreat in those rooms. It is good opportunity as they have good access to Jetsun Kushok who goes to the centre for pujas.

How to get to Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling

Public Transit from airport or Vancouver: Take the Canada Line train and stop at the Richmond Bridgeport station. Walk south on Great Canadian Way and turn left onto Beckwith Road.

Car from North: Take Oak Street heading south. Cross Oak Street Bridge. Take Exit 39A to merge onto Sea Island Way toward Airport. Turn right onto Great Canadian Way. Turn right onto Beckwith Road.
Car from South: Take Highway 99. Take Exit 39 for Bridgeport Road W. Turn left onto Bridgeport Road. Take the 1st right onto Gage Road. Turn right onto Beckwith Road.


Ongoing Programs

Green Tara Puja
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 10:00 am
Prerequisite: Vegetarian diet (breakfast before attending puja)
No meat, fish, garlic, onion or egg
Venue: 9471 Beckwith Rd., Richmond, BC

Vajrayogini Tsok
Date: Listed below
Time: 7:30 pm unless it occurs on a Sunday, then it's at 1:30pm
Prerequisite: Must have Vajrayogini empowerment from a qualified Sakyapa Lama
Venue: 9471 Beckwith Rd., Richmond, BC


Vajrayogini Tsog Practice Dates 2016/2017

Dates Day Tibetan Lunar Calendar
04/03/2016 Fri (25)1
18/03/2016 Fri (10)2
02/04/2016 Sat (25)2
16/04/2016 Sat (10)3
02/05/2016 Mon (25)3
16/05/2016 Mon (10)4
31/05/2016 Tue (25)4
14/06/2016 Tue (10)4
30/06/2016 Thu (25)4
14/07/2016 Thu (10)5
29/07/2016 Fri (25)5
13/08/2016 Sat 10)6
27/08/2016 Sat (25)6
11/09/2016 Sun (10)7
25/09/2016 Sun (25)7
11/10/2016 Tue (10)8
25/10/2016 Tue (25)8
09/11/2016 Wed (10)9
23/11/2016 Wed (25)9
09/12/2016 Fri (10)10
23/12/2016 Fri (25)10
07/01/2017 Sat (10)11
22/01/2017 Sun (25)11
06/02/2017 Mon (10)12
21/02/2017 Tue (25)12  

Please note for the month where there is no 10th or no 25th, the next day 11th and 26th respectively are used for making tsok offering. This instruction is from Jetsun Kushok.

**The resident lama performs daily Green Tara and Mahakala puja as is traditionally conducted in all monasteries for the benefit of all beings.